3 thoughts on “Doc said to eat more fish…”

  1. After losing my fitness slowly over a few years, which meant I worked less and less, and hence got deeper in debt, I finally went to see the doctor.
    After lots of tests they found out I had clogged arteries in my heart, so they went inside me and put 4 stents, 4 little tubular metal cages, into the veins that feed my heart, then sent me home with dietary and exercise advice.
    I didn’t follow one iota of that advice, and 4 years later I had multiple heart attacks, I thought the queasy feeling was from some food I’d eaten, but no, and I had to travel in an ambulance for the hour long trip to the nearest biggish hospital.
    I spent three weeks there, eventually having a quadruple bypass on my heart.
    I’m out now, at home recuperating still after 12 weeks but slowly getting better, the pain in my thigh where they harvested the vein has been the worst, but where they split my sternum is, ah, uncomfortable, as it clicks sometimes, especially when I wash the dishes.
    The leg, sliced open to get to the vein deep inside, had all the blood drains cut, and now they don’t line up, and the vein they took was the main transport system out of my leg back to my heart, so while the blood goes into my lower leg ok it doesn’t find easy egress back out, so my calf swells during the day to 45% bigger than my other one, I look like half Hulk from my knees down.
    The blood sitting in my leg somehow starves the cells of oxygen and that means I get massive varicose eczema, red welt like things all over my lower leg that itch like fucking crazy and then bleed when you scratch them … seriously, my leg looks like it spent the summer at Chernobyl.
    And behind all this is the fact that to operate on my heart they had to collapse my left lung, I won’t tell you about how they drained it post operation or how it felt when they took the 10mm plastic tube out from where it was wrapped around my lung, and I won’t tell you about how it felt when they took out the jump start wire, a wiggly ended piece of wire that they’d left sitting on my heart in case it didn’t start by itself.
    The lung is back working, obviously or I’d be writing this post humorously, pun intended, but my singing voice has been decimated, not that I was destined to be a famous rock star, but still.
    Anyway, when the doc tells you to eat more fish, I reckon you’d be a mug not to do so.
    Cheers for listening, live long and … well, do what the bloody doctor tells you.

    • WOW! Sounds like you’ve really been through the mill, and then some. I imagine it’ll take a while to recoup from all of that, but hopefully, you will bounce back and be okay. Take care.

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