4 thoughts on “Arming Educators”

    • Well true, the lower gun has a suppressor not a silencer. In fact, silencers do not exist for guns–no guns can be made silent–just makes it quiet enough you do not need hearing protection.

      But if you stick with the slang term “silencer” it is funny.

      • Hi Tim , wondering if you know the answer to this .
        In films and tv shows often it has someone screwing a “silencer” to the front of a pistol or rifle and when fired all we hear is a woosh sound similar to the air brakes on a truck or bus. I’ve always thought that was ridiculous and there is no way to make a firearm that quiet. Are the movie folks exaggerating the effectiveness of these screw on silencer things ? I also find it hard to believe when they show someone shooting through a pillow and it sounds like they just dropped a bag of marshmallows.


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