3 thoughts on “Not today, Satan…”

  1. How, exactly does one pay for the order of the person behind them at a rive through? A story which isn’t logical has no chance of being entertaining. Whomever made this is extremely lame, and shame on you for reblogging it.

    • I beg to differ with you, Rod. It’s easy to pay for the order behind you. I’ve done it several times as a “random act of kindness”. All you do is ask the cashier how much is the order for the car behind you. I then tell them that I’d like to pay for it as that random act of kindness and ask the cashier to tell them I said to pay it forward sometime when they’re at the checkout. I’ve never taken their food but I’d be surprised if I wasn’t allowed to do that. Of course, they could just reorder what they wanted and only be delayed a short time as those fast food places are usually pretty fast.

      And, I don’t appreciate you being so damned judgemental about something so petty.

    • Have you never been at a drive-through restaurant where you pay at one window and pick up your food at the next window?

      Some fast food restaurants have that set up–seems to make the line run a bit faster than if they had just one window where you pay and get your food.

      And with both set ups, you could easily pay for the person behind you as Jonco has.

      Also, maybe try decaf and chill.

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