Friday Firesmith – Sinclair II Night of the Nudes

I remember thinking it was a sign from God. Like all signs from all Gods, it was looked for, and interpreted as such, because assurance and validation of actions is needed in all things human, except for cooking, and then you need garlic. But there was a liquor store next door to the motel where we were housed. All the boys were stacked four to a room, all the girls were in rooms on the other side of the hotel, as if the distance would deter. Sinclair went to visit her family, thinking cooler heads would prevail, and good judgment would reign.

I had vodka.

We pooled our money, with some chipped in, surprisingly, by a couple of the girls, including one of the “good” girls, Mary, who never did anything that suggested she knew what bad could be. I was sent into the liquor store to buy a fifth of vodka while the others scouted for orange juice. I looked fourteen, at best. I walked in, put the bottle on the counter, and the guy rang it up without batting an eye. It was a sign from God.

Suddenly there were four of us guys, and three girls, in one room. Mary was drinking for the first time in her life, Susan had drank before, and Janet was appalled by all of this. She napped on the bed while the rest of us drank, and got drunk. Cards came out, strip poker was proposed, and all the girls were firmly against it. Until Susan said, “How do we play?”

For this to work, for us to see female flesh never seen outside a bathroom or a locker room before, someone had to be bold. We played for a while, Susan’s bra came off, and there was a sense that something was going to happen. I slipped my jeans off, revealing the fact I did not have underwear on. Susan lost her shirt, and then Mary took hers off.

Two things happened at once. 

The first was that Donnie Dest, a loser with no skill at drinking or girls, had drank a beer. He then went and knocked on the door where Sandra Prince was waiting for Mary and Susan to return. Sandra’s father had told her to shoot and kill any man, or boy who tried to get into her room. Sandra had her father’s Colt .45. Model 1911. She pointed it at Donnie face when she opened to door. He peed on himself.

The second event was that Sandra called our room, and said that she had called Sinclair, and she was returning, posthaste. Clothes were put on, bottles where hidden, and the night came to an end before anyone, male or female, misplaced their virginity.

Back at school, there were rumors as to what had happened, or not, but no one there really was talking. Janet, who had slept through the whole thing had vague memories, but the other two women made it a point to swear us guys to secrecy, which made everyone else wonder what really happened.

At the end of the day, or night, the only thing that really came of all of this is one of the guys, David, started dating Susan. After all, they had seen each other half naked. Mary went on to avoid eye contact with any of us guys that were there. I gained a reputation as someone who could get alcohol for other people. And Sinclair, after the rumors that swirled around that field trip, left Early County after that school year.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Sinclair II Night of the Nudes”

  1. I especially like the part where you mention that you were sworn to keep the strip poker incident secret; right after telling everyone here all about it 🙂 – although you might want to steer well clear of Mary, Sandra and Susan if you happen to see them at the local piggly wiggly!

    I also distinctly remember that it was ‘very rare’ to get ‘carded’ before ~1982 where I lived; That was the year Georgia started ‘raising the minimum age’ – stepping it up gradually until it was 21… I was just barely grandfathered in; having turned 18 just before the cutoff so every year when the ‘minimum age’ stepped up i was just old enough to still legally drink… – it was also when I started getting carded almost any time I went to a club or package store – before that it was rather unusual for anyone to even ask – (At least up in Dekalb County where I was living at the time) – we weren’t ‘supposed’ to buy booze before we were 18 but i never had any trouble getting it…

  2. “I especially like the part where you mention that you were sworn to keep the strip poker incident secret; right after telling everyone here all about it ?”

    When you reach retirement age it’s not “telling”, it’s reminiscing.
    I’ll bet Mary, Sandra, and Susan do it with their good friends too.

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