Boy, are the Wright brothers gonna be surprised…

FYI: The Wright brothers flew the very first airplane in 1909. Probably weren’t too many airports around in the 1770s.

25 thoughts on “Boy, are the Wright brothers gonna be surprised…”

  1. Uh huh…unless you think mixing up elements of the War of 1812 with the American Revolution is not a mistake, or was it just incoherent rambling? Then to claim his teleprompter went out that he had to go on memory is silly because if he’s such a stable genius with the world’s greatest memory, he sure slurred and messed up a lot. Not to mention, he read the teleprompter like a slow witted 3rd grader. Probably explains why he won’t let anybody see his grades.

  2. There’s never been a “president” as dimwitted as Dolt45! If it weren’t so tragic, what he’s done to our nation’s global reputation, destroying our relationships with allies, fanboying over dictators, and selling out America . . . it would almost be funny.

    • Yeah, berate somebody that a gaggle of fascist assholes have spent decades trying to destroy by having a couple dozen investigations done, spending millions and millions of taxpayer money to never come up with one single indictable crime. Either the GOP are complete idiots who couldn’t do the job they were determined to do or she’s innocent of all they accused her of. Those investigations were illegitimately performed to destroy her character purely for political purpose. In contrast the present occupant is illegitimately holding that office because of foreign intervention into our elections, among other things.

      While she’s was not my first choice, the present occupant is a pathological lying, narcissist, with a propensity to not only sexually assault women but rape them, plus is a chronic adulterer, in addition to his sociopathic tendencies that make him unable to really care about anyone other than himself. Not to mention he blatantly defies the rule of law. Even Nixon, as bad as he was, respected the Constitution, unlike the orange gelatinous bag of shit presently residing in the White House.

      • Since any official investigations are initiated by the Democrat controlled House, it is obvious that nothing will happen until the Republicans will maybe take over both legislatures again. By the way, are you frothing at the mouth again? It is sad that so many folks can’t carry on a respectful conversation.

        • All the investigations on Hillary were initiated by a Republican controlled House. They investigated her while Bill was in office and came up with nothing. They spent more time on Benghazi than 9/11. They had decades of time to pin just one crime on her and never could. Over $100 million dollars wasted just for political purposes, a fact they admitted to, not once but twice.

          If you were hoping they would find her her guilty, you’re a fool because the point was never to do that. The point was to destroy her image. And the rubes fell for it because being ignorant and misinformed makes it easy to fool those chumps.

          Get your facts straight before trying to spout your nonsense.

          Don’t talk to me about respect when you support a goddamn asshole who has no respect for the Constitution or the office he holds. Not to mention the transitive properties of supporting a treasonous bastard.

            • I didn’t say who you voted for, I said who you support, as in always ready to defend, in one manner or another.

              Casting a third party vote can technically qualify as a vote for Trump.

              • What or who I defend is my attempt to bring some accuracy to the discussion. What did I type that is not correct? Voting for either one of the main 2016 candidates is a form of surrender

                • The mere attempt to divert the discussion that Hillary is either equally bad or worse is a defense of of a sick administration that imprisons innocent children, literally destroying them mentally and then dismissing it by saying if they don’t like it then don’t come here.

                  You have added absolutely no accuracy to this discussion. Your “facts” are incorrect or at best are a false equivalency, all your perceptions have no basis of reality but rather are indicative of a mind who was conned into believing lies.

                  You are living proof of the adage that it’s easier to fool a person than it is to prove to them that they’ve been fooled. And the only way that doesn’t hold true is you truly hate our Constitution and our country. Which tends to be the case for anyone who supports Libertarians, as they lean toward fascism in their platform. And yes, I said fascism because their guiding principle is giving more power to corporations which is the principle idea of fascism–a merger of corporate and state.

  3. Richard, I think you need to read the Mueller Report (and, yes, I have read it.) I can only attribute your continued support of immoral, criminal, racist, narcissistic and traitorous scumbag squatting in the Oval Office to utter ignorance and/or the swallowing of the disinformation spewed by hate radio and the Fox Propaganda network.

  4. Come on! I’m no fan of Trump, but this is so badly doctored it’s laughable. Idiot he may be; fake news he may spout;stupidity abounds. But not in this case. Still funny though! Can’t be bothered to find what the speech was really about.

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