Old memes never die…

Bill H sent me a link from the Old Timers Facebook page. They featured my infamous selfie photo from 2013. They posted it Thursday evening and as of Saturday morning, it has gotten more than 19,000 Likes and has been shared 21,000 times…all in about 36 hours. Someone added the text “Old School Selfie” to the photo before it went viral several years ago.

Here’s the link to the Old Timers post: https://www.facebook.com/OldtimersPage/posts/964884237189496

Here’s when it was featured on CNN’s Headline News channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUK9A-oBQHGWBP3aBoGrQYaQ&v=CMWYv8nVgqs&fbclid=IwAR24NcVIsfVaeAannMTVs1E62ur1Jowiwz104yafXhgT61WQxd3mNzIh-R0

Here’s my original post: https://bitsandpieces.us/2013/07/old-time-selfie/


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