Things you may not have known about…

Most screwdrivers can be placed through a wrench, and this allows for more torque. 
Although this hole serves to make it easier to insert the finger when we are going to open the can, its real purpose is to serve as a space in which to place the straw while we consume our favorite drink.
Due to the number of fries that are served in fast food restaurants, we always need some more sauce, right? It all comes down to the purpose of the folds of the paper in which they are made because when you unfold the paper container, it becomes a small plate that can contain much more sauce.

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  1. I already 100% know I’m just being pedantic, but I get so frustrated with “the purpose of…” Just because something works some other way doesn’t mean it was purposeful. The purpose of the pleats in those little paper cups is so they can make cups from flat sheets of paper, not so you can have flat sheets of paper made from paper cups.


  2. I already 100% know I’m just being pedantic, but I get so frustrated with “the purpose of…” Just because something works with an old fashioned, stuck in the mud country’s Imperial spanner, doesn’t mean it is going to work with a normal metric spanner.
    It’s 2020 in a few minutes, USA, when the fuck are you going to catch up ?

    • Hah, they aren’t even called spanners here! And jeezus, life would be so much easier in metric.

  3. I love these little “hacks” people post on the internet.

    I also like having both imperial and metric systems and don’t see why we simply can’t have and use both. Why must it be just one or the other?

    Metric, I find, is excellent for minutiae accuracy as you would in science or accounting. Its base 10 is ideal for counting and its numbers are absolute.

    Imperial, however, is a ratio system and measuring is usually relative to something else. I find imperial best for cooking and designing because you can divide/portion most things without needing numbers like 0.938mm.

    Most people who don’t like the imperial system don’t like fractions. But fractions are what make the imperial system so wonderful. Fractions are relative and speak about parts relating to a larger whole. If you look at old systems of architecture it’s all explained and built using ratios and geometry (which is also a ratio system).

    Nature is also a ratio system, growth and evolution by dividing and multiplying parts to wholes and back again. Art, and our search for beauty, is also a ratio system, a way of seeing ourselves and our world and how we and it relate in it.

    Base 12 allows for division by 2, 3, 4 which is how we divide and portion most things, the key feature being division by 3.

    I have metric and imperial spanners/wrenches. For me, they’re no different than having an assortment of hammers, screwdrivers, and pliers; different tools for different problems.

    Insisting on “my way or the highway” is xenophobic tyrannical absurdity, regardless of which system you prefer. To say “you can only have one” is creating and enforcing poverty, even if only a poverty of mind and soul, where none existed before.

    Metric and Imperial are both wonderful and useful in their own way. Love both. Learn more languages. Enjoy complexity. Search for beauty. Please don’t limit the world just because you prefer limitations.

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