Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Wet and warm. That about says it. We don’t really need more rain here in the Midwest.

The weekend: Dental checkup and cleaning Saturday morning, then planning on working on the backyard this weekend. Also watching the Blues beat the Boston Bruins (hopefully) in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

TV Binging: Just finished Dead To Me (Netflix) and will continue watching the new season of Sneaky Pete (Amazon).

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?


9 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

    • But you have to take the rain and flooding too. You can’t just cherry-pick the good stuff. 😀

  1. I am a recent follower of your posts. Love your website. Do you know what happened to Phil Coiintreau? of Phil’s Phun? Audrey from Michigan

    • Audrey, I don’t know what happened to Phil. I go there occasionally but not every day but I did notice there hadn’t been anything new the last time or two I was there. There is a date of May 11 at the top of his blog but I can’t seem to see any other dates to indicate how often he posts. He also doesn’t allow comments on his site so anyone who knows the situation can’t post an update.
      I don’t like not knowing when something happens to our online friends.

  2. Jonco, Phil posts once a week and sometimes takes a week or 3 off for (I assume) holidays. But this is the longest I’ve seen in the years I’ve visited his site.
    There’s a place to comment at the bottom left of his page, but it’s seldom used.

  3. I’ve never visited Phil’s blog until a few minutes ago. In a few clicks I found his Facebook page where he last replied on May 20 to a public post made by a friend indicating he’s been traveling in the UK. Maybe that helps?

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