The Price is Right – Come on Down!

A long, long time ago, I went to a taping of The Price Is Right at CBS in Los Angeles California. A little research tells me it was in 1976. You can see me here in the left circle as they pan the audience for a contestant to “come on down!”. The guy in the other circle was my friend, James, that I had gone there with.

What made this unique, other than us just being there for the taping was an incident that happened with a particular contestant. When they called her to “come on down!”, she was nowhere to be found. She had gone to the bathroom. They had to send a page to go get her. Bob Barker said that this had not happened before during all the tapings he had done for the show. They didn’t edit the program as it aired just how it happened. That segment is below.

Clip via Mental Floss