2 thoughts on “Gateway Arch and St. Louis skyline 4K Drone footage”

  1. That was interesting.

    I thought the capitol was in St. Joseph and not St. Louis. Since I am not familiar with the skyline it would be helpful to know what we are flying over.I mean the arch is a no brainer.

    Too many lights at night and that is bad light pollution.

    • The capital of Missouri is in Jefferson City which is a small city near the center of the state. A town near St. Louis, St. Charles was the capital for a few years in the 1820s, but I don’t believe St. Joseph was ever the capital. The domed, capital looking building a couple of blocks west of the arch, is the Old Courthouse. Slaves were sold on the courthouse steps in the 1800s. It’s also where the famed Dred Scott slave case was tried in 1846. The Old Courthouse is now part of the Gateway Arch National Park.

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