7 thoughts on “Can anybody help me…”

    • Rotating the plate would cause a rift in the space-time continuum which would activate skynet and destroy all life on earth. he needs to hire a licensed electrician to move the switch and outlet to opposite sides of the junction box or move to a new house… probably in Australia.

  1. I suggest buying one from a supply house in Australia, but then your switches will turn off and on backwards.

    Jonco, Is this the electrical problem you worked on this past weekend?

    • LOL. No, but mine was almost as bad. I looked up a drawing I made of the wiring in a new room. It had power from one outlet leading to 3 or 4 other outlets. The drawing showed power going to that outlet from existing wiring, but there was no other wire going into that box just the line out feeding the other new outlets. I was able to put a wire into an existing outlet box to feed the new outlets.

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