4 thoughts on “Please don’t drink and drive…”

    • I’d worry about both. The pets didn’t do anything and they’re waiting for someone who might not come home. Of course the victim’s pets would have the same feelings.

    • Yeah, but there are a lot of people who care more about cats and dogs than they do about people. So this speaks to them.

  1. You know, HJ, I’ve heard that frequently, but I’m apt to think that’s actually not the case. When an animal is abused, I’m furious! This may cause me to express my thoughts on-line, sign a petition, participate with others in changing laws, adopt the animal or whatever other action I can take.
    When a child is the victim of horrific behavior by a parent, it is so unbelievably, sickeningly appalling, so disgusting and beyond acceptance of reality, it has made me feel like doing myself in. I can’t stand the thought of belonging to a group [supposed humanity] where something so unspeakable could happen to a child.
    And so, what action can I take? Express my thoughts on-line? There is nothing unique or original I could say. Is there anyone who even needs convincing of the extent of its ghastliness? Is there any point in signing a petition? What would the petition even say? Are there any laws that could be changed? The perpetrator(s) are probably already locked up and will stay that way. So what can I do? That is one of the most distressing parts of it! I feel completely helpless. I would love to take the child and fold them in my arms and tell them that they are loved. But I can’t. For those inclined that way, even doing something equally heinous to the parent isn’t going to change a thing. And so, people don’t hear of other’s utter revulsion, of heartbreak or horror. Instead there is silence as everyone struggles with the helplessness.
    If you could think of even one single action that you or I could take, please, please let me know. Thank you.

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