2 thoughts on “Online shopping…”

  1. I’ve never once had anything lost, damaged, or delayed by the post office.

    UPS (“Brown” is a good alternative name for their shitty service) brings you a box that looks like it was shipped by fistfight with no corners left on it and more a bag than a box, and expects you to sign for it saying nothing is wrong or they won’t leave it and then blame you for not being able to deliver it… if they even try. I’ve had them send ‘Sorry we missed you’ emails while I was sitting in the front yard and never saw a truck.

    FedEx is ok, but tends to be a little too fast for its own good sometimes. I’d ordered some concert tickets for my brother, and happened to be walking past the front door as the doorbell rang. I open the door and the driver was getting back in her truck 50 feet away across the lawn while the envelope was bouncing to a stop. As far as I can tell, she accurately winged it at the doorbell from halfway across the yard.

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