Our New Foster Child

My granddaughter sent me a link to a place that was holding a pet adoption event today. I went to see what dogs were available for adoption and ended up bringing one home as a foster dog.  Sort of a trial adoption to see if we are a good match for each other.  We have 2 or 3 weeks to decide if we want to complete the adoption. 

He’s a Dachshund mix and is very friendly and definitely a lap dog who loves attention. He and Gus got along really well, sniffing butts and apparently approving of each other. He weighs 19 pounds and the vet thinks he’s about three and a half years old.  He’s partially housetrained and already knows how to use the doggy door.


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He was called Buck at the shelter but he doesn’t know that name, so we get the fun of picking his forever name if he becomes a member of our family. I kind of like Doc (for Dachshund) or Jack, or Eddie.  Any suggestions?


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  1. Eddie kind of sounds good with Gus, don’t you think..Gus and Eddie. Sounds like a vaudeville act. You’re already in love with him, aren’t you?

  2. Being from New Orleans I would call him something like Gumbeaux or Roux. I have 2 black cats named Voodoo and Gris-Gris.

  3. he’s so in… he totally belongs to you… He’s in like Flin

    call him “Flin”.. i don’t know how you are going to be able to let him go .. one of you is going to be very sad if he has to leave that bed..

  4. Originally, for no real reason, I was thinking Marty… then I decided to change my vote to CB (for Click Bait). What a cute pup – Congrats!

  5. Nice looking little guy. Friendly is a good word. Of THE THREE GOOD CHOICES PRESENTED I prefer Doc. Funny story: I met a pleasant person away from the medical center where I work, and was pleased to find out he was one of our doctors. Given my position and age I wasn’t certain that I should use his first name – as I do with several of our doctors – so I told him my position and asked him what I should call him. “Oh, anything but Doc.” I smiled and said “You got it, Doc.” Realized to my horror what I had just done, cursed out loud, apologized, and have since called him Doctor Smith.

  6. First of all, he is not a foster, he is already a member of your family. It is just a formality making him officially yours. And Eddie is a great reminder to those of us who went to Fast Eddies Bon Aire.

  7. He looks definitely like a Bobby to me n it’s a cute little doggo 🙂
    I would keep him, he feels home and comfy with you 🙂

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