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    • Please explain 🙂
      I have 24 x ((45 x 45) / 45) + 47 = 24 x 45 + 47 = 1080 + 47 = 1127
      Did I do the order of operations incorrectly?

      • You’re misstating the original equation. It is only necessary to put parentheses around 26+19 to get your result.

        • Dianne is correct, I get 1127 as well. You did not respond to her “please explain”. What answer do you get? Show your work.

        • Thank you for responding, but I’m still confused LOL!
          I thought the order went: brackets first, then division (still within the brackets in this case), then multiplication, rhen addition at the end.
          By that order, I did the brackets of 45 squared (45 x 45 = 2025) divided by 26 + 19 therefore 2025 divided by 45 = 45
          Then I multiplied by 24 (multiplication before addition) = 1080, then, at that point added the 47 which equals 1127.
          So, if you can please explain what I could/should have done differently, I’d really like to learn. Please tell me! It’s been a long time since I was in a math class!

          • Order of operations: Parentheses, then Exponents, Multiplication/Division, Addition/Subtraction. So, to get your 1127 you must resolve 26+19 before the other operations (by using parentheses) or you will get a non-integer result.

            • “26+19” is entirely under the division line so that operation must be performed before the division. Parentheses are implied there — you can’t presume to divide by the 26 first because “+19” is also below the same line.

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