Weekend Open Mic

Weather: A little bit warm in these parts for the first part of September. It won’t be long until some cooler weather moves in…. hopefully. The week after next I’ll be in Alaska. It promises to be cooler there.


The weekend: Not a whole lot going on this Labor Day weekend.  We’ll get together with family for some BBQ but that’s about all that’s really planned as of Friday night.

Binging: We’ve been watching Hell On Wheels (Netflix) lately. We’re in the 3rd season now. The second season of Ozark (Netflix} started Friday.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

10 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. 3 days off! I don’t know what to do with myself. Besides all the yard work I didn’t do all summer because it was just too damn hot. It’s cooled off a lot now that September is here, only in the upper 80s, lower 90s. I live in ” rel=”nofollow”>Lemon Grove for heaven’s sake! For years it’s been billed as the best climate on Earth, that’s no longer true. Pretty soon, Alaska will have the best climate on Earth. Enjoy it while you’re there Jonco.

    • That’s my plan. Looking forward to cooler weather…wearing jeans and long sleeves.
      I used to find fall depressing as I saw it as things dying. Now if it weren’t for all the falling leaves, fall would be perfect. I guess I’m dying (slowly) too, so I’m okay with it all.
      Edit: I guess the worst thing about fall is that winter follows and it’s so unpredictable here.

  2. Headed to your area on Wednesday, going to a concert at Busch Stadium on Thursday (6th). Hopefully it wont rain. May spend an extra day then back home to Olympia for a few days and then back to Chicago for work.

    • Ed Sheeran concert, cool. I’ll bet he’d be cool to see. Uh oh! I just saw on the news this morning that we’re supposed to get quite a bit of rain starting Thursday and running thru the weekend.

  3. Well the concert was great. 3 acts. Anne-Marie, Snow Patrol and Ed Sheeran. Was over by 1115pm, started at 7pm. No rain but it was still humid as all can be. Took Amtrak down from Chicago, cost was $27 one way. No issues with the train ride and one gets to see parts of the country that you may never see. Also free Wifi didn’t hurt.

    • I was thinking about you last night and the fact that you lucked out with the rain. The humidity is typical though. glad you had a good time. I took the train from STL to Chicago roundtrip in one day many years ago, just to look at a computer. I really enjoyed it.

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