B&P login question…

I’ve had two people in the last 2 or 3 weeks tell me they have to login with their name and email each time they want to leave a comment.  The site isn’t remembering their login info like it used to. I’ve not made any real changes to the site that would affect the login procedure.

Is anyone else having that problem?  Or, does anyone have any idea why it might be happening?


UpdateI’ve made a few changes in the comment system.  Let me know if these help

See my comment in the Comments for details.

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  1. Well, at least I’m in good company – LOL! Yes, it’s been happening to me for a few weeks. Very annoying! If I click on the email address, it will autocomplete my name, but still, I don’t understand why, after all this time, this is suddenly happening now.

  2. It’s been that way for me for quite a while. I have the same experience as Dianne C. I type “P” in the name, and “M” in the email, and it auto completes. Doesn’t bother me to jump through that hoop.

    • Yeah, but if you’re like me, you forget to jump through that hoop when you click ‘Post Comment’, then you have to go back and auto-fill those fields, then click ‘Post Comment’ again. Too much damn work I tell ya. I think Jonco is pulling some kind of Pavlog’s Dog experiment on us.

  3. Yep, it happened to me last time I commented, and again this time.

    In a separate, but slightly related issue… there used to be a box to check if we wanted to be notified about further comments. That seems to be missing now, which makes for any sort of discussion difficult.

  4. Yup, been happening to me as well, I honestly thought it was my old ancient computer. I’m almost relieved to hear it’s not. Lol

  5. Me too! That’s why I haven’t been commenting lately. Too much extra work!

    Kidding. It’s been banana nuts here. No time to computer. The last time I commented though I had to input my username and email every time. With autocomplete it’s like two extra keystrokes but it still sucks.

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out why Wordpess is no longer maintaining our logon info and to eliminate it. This message will self destruct in 300 years.

    Yeah. I’m watching Mission Impossible.

  6. Yeah, happening here too, but that extra 3 or 4 seconds to log in hasn’t really messed up my life like it has everyone else’s. I just go to bed 3 or 4 seconds later. No problemo, except now it’s harder waking up the next morning after losing all that time, I’m 3 seconds late to work, my potty schedule is all off now, I’ve lost all interest in se ……….oops never mind….

  7. Login issue update…
    I tried disabling ALL the plugins and the issue is still there, so I don’t think it’s a plugin conflict.

    I made a couple of other small changes that might work.

    I’ve enabled an option to allow you to login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ login.

    I’ve also restored the ‘Notify me of new comments or posts’ checkboxes.

    Try these out and let me know if any of them fix the problem you’ve been having.

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