4 thoughts on “Subway Surfing”

  1. While these thrill junkies are proud of themselves for performing “death-defying” feats and are often willing to go out in spectacular fashion, they lack the awareness of the very real threat of a future with paralyzed or missing limbs, brain damage or disfigurement – the current state of which they take for granted.
    More important, while they take these risks for themselves, should the tiniest slip happen, the results are experienced by hundreds of others. How about the gruesome scene suddenly exposed to the blameless train passengers, the anguish felt by the train driver who ran them over, the horror experienced by paramedics who must try to staunch the flow of blood and retrieve the severed limbs, the revulsion felt by the innocent news reporter, the burden on the doctors and nurses after discovering the legs are too crushed to be reattached, the futility felt by police who must lay charges, the awkward sorrow of friends who can no longer relate to this child-like person, the unease of the community who now avoid the family due to insecurity and discomfort about ways to interact with anyone in this devastating situation, or the heartbreak of the newly isolated family who must alter their lives and home to be able to care for their disabled child, – and more? No one lives in a vacuum. I hope these teens grow up quickly in order to save others from the repercussions of these fateful events.

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