6 thoughts on “Gator goes beer shopping”

  1. Hey Jonco,can i please ask what type of video this is?The reason i ask is ,sometime ago i had to reformat my pc and since then i cannot see videos like this.I can see and view the youtube vids you post but not ones like this.Any help or indication would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

  2. Thanks for your reply JJ…the trouble is i can’t click on the video because i don’t see anything except Joncos title for the post.I dunno it has got me stumped.

  3. Tony, it will be the settings in the browser you are using. Try another one like google chrome or the likes. I had it using Firefox but managed to find the setting to make it work.

  4. Ok ,thanks for that…it works in chrome so i will try playing around in the firefox settings.Thanks again.

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