Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

It was a beautiful day here in the St. Louis area.  We went to the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area where the Missouri River end and flows into the Mississippi River.  It’s in far North St. Louis County. They have some pretty popular sunflower fields there.  I shot a couple of videos with the drone while there.  Watch in full screen for better quality.

5 thoughts on “Columbia Bottom Conservation Area”

    • It gives you a “high wind” warning on the screen but I’ve never had a problem with it. And it’s amazingly steady considering it’s moving around up there with the wind. That’s due to the camera’s 3-point gimbal which keeps it pretty smooth.

  1. In reality, I’m getting better at editing. I edit out a lot of the bad moves. I edited 22 minutes of footage into this 5: 45-minute video. It seems like I’m always tilting the camera up when I wanted to tilt it down. I edit those out. I am getting better at which control goes up, down, left, right, forward, backward and sideways. If I were doing it again today I know I could make it a lot better just from watching this footage.
    I use an iPad mini with the controller. I don’t know how people use a phone with a drone. It’s hard enough to see with the iPad. Then add the glare of the sun it can be a little hard to see. But at least it doesn’t scare me to fly it anymore.

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