4 thoughts on “12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know”

  1. *sigh* The person who wrote the script for this video doesn’t actually know very much. They made up a few things.

    For example: They mentioned that the reason for the hole in the pen body was to allow oxygen to enter the pen. Uh no. How can a hole block all gases except oxygen? It can’t.

    The purpose of the hole is to equalize pressure. It has nothing to with oxygen. It allows AIR in. Air is 78% nitrogen. So if they wanted to be correct, it lets mostly nitrogen in, and some oxygen sneaks in too.

    I can go on. But the point is that they really took shortcuts when trying to explain things.

  2. I pretty much knew all of these, even the iffy ones (“uh, noooo….”).

    My take has always been that someone actually designed these things, and they’re not for aesthetic reasons. Which made me curious as to what their purpose was.
    AND I’ve been wasting time on the internet for a lo-o-o-ng time. I’ve picked up a lot of trivia along the way.

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