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3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

    • From what I read, these are subsidies that already exist, Elon is taking advantage of them, something you can do too. If even a few of his startups succeed, he will change the world. The U.S., and other countries, are already saving tons of money piggybacking on SpaceX.

  1. The senior prank I liked I saw when, I think, I was a sophomore: my high school had a big horseshoe drive in front of it for buses, cars dropping off kids, etc. This means there was a great open grassy area in front of the building–the only thing on it was the high school sign.

    One morning, there were hundreds (well, it looked like hundreds) of “for sale” signs from all the area houses up for sale.

    I got to school as they started pulling the signs and stacking them up.

    These signs were the old metal framed ones–not the fancier wooden ones that are more common now.

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