B&P Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  After 12 days of absolutely beautiful weather on the gulf coast of Florida I’m heading back to St. Louis on Saturday morning.  The week ahead doesn’t look too bad at home either.

The week ahead:  After being greeted by a couple of friendly canines I don’t have many plans… yet.  I’m told there will be dinner and a movie this weekend. On Tuesday, Trixie is scheduled to go in for some dental work.  So, I’ll be close to her as she recuperates from anesthesia Tuesday evening. I’ll also be editing some video I took getting used to flying the drone in Florida.  Lots of places I went were within five miles of airports so my flying was somewhat limited. But I am getting more used to how it flies and don’t feel as “scared” to fly it as I used to be.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

3 thoughts on “B&P Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I got my new toy too. An Oculus Go. Just came out last week. Anyone who hasn’t tried virtual reality should check this out. Best Buy is supposed to have demos available but the one I stopped at didn’t. I bought it anyway, got the 64GB for $250. You can get sort of the same effect with one of those headsets that you put your phone into but this is far and above better, plus it uses the well established Oculus environment. Lots of apps and experiences. Lenevo just came out with a similar unit like yesterday. The review I read said it has more features but it’s not as comfortable as the Go and it’s twice as expensive.

    Only problem with these new headsets is they only have 3 degrees of movement, just where you’re looking, you can’t walk through the environment like you can with the Oculus Rift or the Vive. I understand Oculus is coming out with a wireless unit that has the 6 degrees of movement sometime next year. Not gonna be nowhere as cheap though. I basically got this to watch movies anyway. There’s a Plex app.

    Below is a screen capture of me browsing our favorite website. Not really an accurate representation, the actual experience is much more immersive. I unabashedly stole Jonco’s music since the screen capture doesn’t do sound. I actually got dizzy during the video when Jonco turned the drone just as I was spinning in my chair to see what was behind me. You can probably see me shaking my head to clear it.


  2. I made it home. My flight was about 20 minutes early. I couldn’t sleep last night hardly at all. My Fitbit said I slept 3 hours, but it’s a liar!
    There was a big branch that fell out of a tree in the woods next to my yard. It fell into the street and into my yard. So my task was to cut up the large branch and dispose of it before I could cut my grass. So we did that tree work and I cut the grass. I was so tired, hot and sweaty when I came in I jumped in the shower then collapsed for nearly an hour on the bed. Heading out for dinner now and I don’t think I’ll make it too long after we get home.

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