4 thoughts on “Comparing 2X4’s”

  1. That’s also one of the reasons that windows in a 50+ year old home are not rotten. They may be as inefficient as hell, but not rotten! Find a 20 year old wood window that doesn’t need some work or just replaced!

    It’s good for my business!

  2. So, what’s the point of this? First of all why such tight growth rings? Lack of water. The one took four times less time to grow.
    Yes old wood works better for many reasons on many things, but the way we construct sheds, mobile homes, even stick frames, pallets, other junk wood as well, the old growth isn’t worth taking the time.

    Anyway as an engineering I always ask what the tradeoff is. We decided to trade off quality of wood for amount of time it takes to grow.

    One more thing this doesn’t say is where the two sticks were picked from and if they are even from the same species. I get skeptical sometimes.

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