Show and Tell – Dad goes back to school

I posted this video back in 2011.  My young friend Tommy had to do a presentation for a communications class he was doing.  The object of his presentation was also my friend.  A few years ago young Tommy was diagnosed with colon cancer.  His battle with cancer ended peacefully yesterday morning.  Tommy was 39 years old.

Tommy and his dad both walked to the beat of a different drummer.  I think that’s why I liked them both so much.  Rest in peace, young man!


6 thoughts on “Show and Tell – Dad goes back to school”

  1. That was a great speech, brought tears to my eyes. Damn onions again! I’m sorry to hear of his passing, I can tell he was a positive force in the world. Rest in Peace.

  2. I too remember when you originally posted this. I also remember that his speech had an affect on me then. To think that such an amazing person would be gone so soon is truly tragic. Deepest sympathy to you and his family.

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