15 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Survey”

  1. I think the answer is obvious but we wouldn’t want to upset any tools so I’d say eating a hamburger. I don’t know why but for some reason I always hold a sandwich with my right hand while I use my dominant left hand to take care of the rest of the eating chores.

  2. Steering a steering wheel.

    As a young man I used to be more comfortable driving with my right hand, left arm hanging out the window. But as the years have gone on (and years of driving stick-shift cars), now I almost always just use my left hand, or sometimes both hands. It feels weird to try to turn with just my right hand.

    • Ha! I was going to say steering, too. Years of driving a stick shift. I normally end up with my left hand on the steering wheel and the right on the gear shift lever, despite it being an automatic.

    • I was going to give the same answer, opening jars, but mine is because I broke my little and ring finger on my right hand many years ago and no longer have the strength in those fingers to grip…

  3. After years of living in a culture where the left hand takes care of any dirty work, I can wipe and change a baby far better with my left hand than right.

  4. Dealing cards. I never noticed it myself. While playing cards, someone remarked “I didn’t know you are left handed.”. I’m not, but it turns out I am when I deal cards.

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