8 thoughts on “Your Government at Work…”

  1. Facile, simplistic, and right-wing view — a lot of people depend on the government to survive — especially the poor, the disabled, the physically and mentally ill, the elderly, and children — not to mention the millions of people who work for the government (including military servicepeople and vets.) I know, I know, you’re going to tell me (again) that it’s just a joke. But jokes are almost always ways of slipping in a mindset in the guise of humor.

    • I’m sure we’ve all seen more private employees (security guards, construction workers) in similar poses than government workers.

  2. Having worked as a contractor in various government offices I can say this is pretty accurate. Most of the time is spent by the chair warming class coming up with creative ways to not do anything or talking about where to go for lunch.

  3. Compared to the hard work of reposting crap like this from other peoples blogs and begging to be paid for doing it… it is you, Mr. Bits and Pieces, that is a drain on society, you need look no further.
    Vote Dem 2018 and 2020, throw the GOP bums OUT FOR GOOD. You might even get Net Neutrality back before Big Data shuts this place down for good, if you’re lucky.

    • Using the Congressional Review Act (CRA), Congress can pass a resolution that would nullify the FCC’s repeal of the Net Neutrality rules.

      Call your Senator and Congressperson to tell them to sign on. All Dems in the Senate have signed on. They have one republican and need one more. The House will be a bit more of a challenge. A simple majority resets the rules.

  4. Having several family members that have worked both in government and regular business offices, I can say that anyone who believes the above image is a pretty accurate representation of what exists most of the time specific to government offices has obviously never been in a typical business office where life is pretty much identical.

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