4 thoughts on “Silly Sunday Survey – Jeans”

  1. A few years ago at my last job, we were discussing exactly this. When it came to me, I said I had no idea. “How can you not know?” “When I come home, I take them off and put them on the chair. Then magic happens. I get them from the dresser the next day. Sometimes it’s the same pair, sometimes it’s not. I can’t always tell.” (My husband takes care of the laundry and other household tasks.)

  2. What is a “wear”? I work from home and usually just wear sweat pants around the house; i switch to jeans for runs to the store or appointments and such and rarely wear them for more than an hour at a time. so I certainly don’t wash them every single time i take them off. – I wash them about once a week which on most weeks amounts to less than 5 hours of time actually wearing them.

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