8 thoughts on “Website Problems”

  1. I was beginning to get ever so slightly mildly worried in a concerned sort of way about where you had gone.
    Welcome back and please don’t do it again (It’s ma heart really but the whisky helps a wee bit now and then) I get all bored and card gamey when you are not around.

  2. I was really worried so in the afternoon I figured that I better check up on you, but you wouldn’t answer the phone or answer the front door, so I figured whatevs, the cops have a battering ram if they really needed to get in a couple weeks from now.

  3. This morning I added a plugin that monitors “Missed Scheduled” posts and if it encounters one it tries to publish it again. So far, so good. I’ll try to keep a better eye on it, especially the next few days.

    • Came over to suggest this, my site frequently has this problem, from what I understand it’s because wordpress’s internal cronjob isn’t reliable

      • I have 2 sites hosted at the same place and they were both affected. Another site hosted elsewhere that had no issues. I’m thinking it’s related to the host site somehow.

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