Who’s Your Doppelganger in Museum Portraits?

Google Arts & Culture, Google’s free app, analyzes your selfie and then finds your artistic doppelganger in museum portraits.

Here is the best museum match it came up for my selfie.

Paulus Cornelisz van Beresteijn, Heer van Overschie (1548-1625), Burgomaster of Delft (Mayor of the city of Delft in the Netherlands)

Having the ability to virtually explore the history, back stories, and cultural significance of artworks from over a thousand museums generates nowhere near the excitement as a feature allowing users to upload selfies in hopes of locating an Instagram-worthy doppelgänger somewhere in this vast digital collection.

Download the app and paste your results into a comment.

Thanks, DJ

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      Or you might try searching “Is your portrait in a museum?” That’s the title of the article.

  1. It turns out this option is not available to people in Texas and Illinois due to “biometric identifiers” laws. 🙁

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