When nature moves in…

We build our homes to protect us from the elements, to keep us warm and dry or even, in the right climate, cool. But even the strongest bricks and mortar can’t totally protect buildings from nature. When houses and other structures are abandoned (and sometimes when they’re not), nature moves in and stakes its claim. Sometimes, nature lives happily alongside humankind, others it totally takes over. These fascinating photographs show man-made architecture pitted against the forces of the natural world – and they serve as a reminder of nature’s beauty, strength and inimitable power.

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2 thoughts on “When nature moves in…”

  1. For really scary views of nature taking over, look at the kudzu in the south–particularly upstate South Carolina and northern Georgia.

    • I suspect that the vines covering everything on that Chinese island are Kudzu. It is the bane of the South after it was imported from China years ago.

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