7 thoughts on “In violation of terms of services”

  1. Maybe this will finally stop his tweets. Let’s see if someone tries to claim violating Twitter terms of use is an impeachable offense.

  2. When you can’t win the argument . . . . . .

    “He who controls the language controls the masses”. – Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals

  3. Trump needs to finally come to terms with the idea that he is not tweeting to his group of homies. His words reach the – entire – WORLD !! His private thoughts need to stay private and his communication needs to be as a president – someone whose main interest is in protecting the lives of his citizens and their families. Vastly increasing the level of anxiety in his and neighboring countries is not usually considered a presidential goal.

  4. Let me see…

    Donald Trump – a highly successful entrepreneur, businessman, and TV personality who amassed a fortune close to 10 billion dollars and built a worldwide, world-class business empire second to none – decided to run for President of the United States with the sole intention to Make America Great Again. In so doing, he:

    defeated almost single-handedly his 16 GOP opponents.
    defeated almost single-handedly the GOP establishment.
    defeated almost single-handedly the MSM.
    defeated almost single-handedly the Democrat party.
    defeated almost single-handedly the Clinton murder machine.
    defeated almost single-handedly the standing US President (Obambi) and his cronies.
    defeated almost single-handedly the US Intel-community establishment.
    defeated almost single-handedly the world’s political leadership…

    and you all feel you can offer him some sound advice? I think not.

    I love Trump, and I love it when he tweets, because it is his way of getting his unfiltered thoughts and ideas (unfiltered by the MSM) out to the American people. He is President of America; he is not President of the entire world.


    • Allow me to correct a few “alternative facts” on your writeup:

      – Highly successful entrepreneur? With 6 bankruptcies? I think not.
      – 10 Billion? Hmmm… no. There are strong doubts that he’s even a billionaire. Some estimate his fortune as closer to 300 million when you remove all his liabilities. Unless you’re one of the simpletons who believed his brand was worth 5 billion dollars like he said before, but hey, who believes that liar anyway, right? right? And you do know he started with $200 million from his daddy right?
      – I think your list of “defeated” sounds like lunacy, so I’ll stop here. And by the way, he did not win the popular vote. So there.

      “I love Trump” says a whole lot about you…. like… you don’t know how to cut your losses short, but that’s none of my business. Just enjoy his 33% approval rating, but I guess you’re going to say that’s fake news right? Yeah, you’re too predictable.

      Good luck to you! You’re going to need it.

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