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Truck hauling yeast drops dough on freeway

Why you should not give money to panhandlers

The asshole that dragged the shark at high speed

 Blind Thief – Not what you’re thinking  →  

A short video on Franco Pascali – Magician

Courier delivers one last hot, steamy package  Fake

Roller coaster replaces waiters at this funky eatery

Searching for the punchline in the Trump era

19 American Things That Confuse British People

An awesome story of a humble man and his awesome daughter


6 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. Thanks so much for the “Searching for the punchline” article! It’s excellent! I feel honored to have read it as a subscription to that level of informed humor apparently is mighty expensive!

  2. That Michael Wentzel guy is a psychopath, as are his friends. Any person who would do that to innocent creatures is sick in the head. They need to watch those guys, pretty soon doing those things to animals won’t be enough.
    One of my pet peeves is abuse of animals or children, or the elderly. Basically if someone abuses anything weaker than themselves, they are scum. As far as I care they aren’t worth the air they breathe.

  3. I never give money to panhandlers. Too many times I’ve seen them pull out huge wads of cash or get in really nice cars and drive away. Granted, these are professionals, the ones most people are likely to run in to.

    My favorite time though, well dressed guy comes running up the street, said he was at the office and got the call his wife was having the baby. He ran out and forgot his jacket which had his wallet in it, could i give him some money for gas. I told him congratulations and gave him $20. A couple weeks later, a couple blocks over, same guy, same story. I told him he was busted! But I gave him another $5 because at least he was clever and worked for it.

    BTW: I saw him again a couple years later in another part of town scoring on another mark. Looked like the same act. I’ll bet he has a nicer car and house than most of us.

    I’m not heartless, I will on occasion slip a 5 or 10 dollar bill under a homeless person’s sleeping bag or other possessions. One time a guy was just sitting there on a downtown sidewalk, reading a book, not bothering anyone. The gratitude he gave me when I handed him a 20 still haunts me, learning there are people out there whose life can be so affected by such a small amount of money. I probably spent three times that at the bar that night. Can’t give money to all of them though, especially with the homeless population here doubling in the last year.

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