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San Diego – Then and Now Mashup

B&P neighbor Kevin F .of San Diego sends along this image he created of an area of downtown San Diego California from the 1870s with a glimpse of what it looks like today.

Click to enlarge.   Here’s the original image.

Kevin writes: 

The building in the left forefront, the brick building with the curved corner on the left, which you may remember from the old ‘Simon & Simon’ TV show, and the William Penn Hotel on the right still stand pretty much exactly as they did then. Obviously, modern conveniences have been added since. I know the St James Hotel on 6th Avenue still has the original elevator from around 1901. Takes about an hour to go up four floors!

I know some of the other older looking buildings in the modern photo are from that same era, either they were modified beyond recognition or were built after the old photo was taken. I always heard the modern streetlights were designed to look like the old gas lamps from that era but I sure don’t see any in the old photo. Maybe they were installed later?

Interesting side-note, that 1875 photo was taken around the time when Wyatt Earp was a prominent figure in the Stingaree District, which is what the Gaslamp Quarter was called at that time. Maybe he’s even somewhere in that photo?
Thanks, Kevin