Meeting me – Meeting you

We met with two of my Port Charlotte friends, Fungus and Lunchbox at the Broad Streed Bar & Grill.  Two quick witted fun guys entertained us and bought our drinks. A finer pair of guys would be hard to find.  From left to right: Fungus (Dave), Jonco (me), Lunchbox (Mike) and my brother Paul.  We had a great time.  Thanks, gentlemen.  Photo by the ever resourceful Google expert, Haley. 


8 thoughts on “Meeting me – Meeting you”

  1. The pleasure was definitely ours. A great way to beat the heat on a Sunday. You and your brother were an afternoon delight.

  2. i was in Port Charlotte just two months ago; took my wife on a florida coast tour and we stayed 3 nights in Port Charlotte exploring (mostly) beaches between Sanibel and Sarasota as part of a 3 week tour of the florida coast. During the trip we followed the coast from Jacksonville to Key West, back up to Miami, over to Naples and up the gulf coast as far as New Port Richey where my maternal Grandfather lived until he passed in the 80’s. I visit orlando, jacksonville and the panhandle area beaches quite often over the years but my wife had never been further south than Orlando/Tampa and I haven’t been down there in nearly 30 years.

    and since you got the “afternoon delight” comment; Taffy Nivert (female lead for Starland Vocal Band) is now living just a few miles north of Port Charlotte (in Safety Harbor Fl).

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