Friday Firesmith – The Truth About Your Government

At this point, we awaken to a new day. Finally, and likely for the last time, the group of voters that identify with the far right have been repulsed from the walls of the Capitol by their own party. They now see their leaders as nothing more than those who will give lip service to a cause while serving the status quo. The drum beat to kill off “Obama Care” in the United States of America was a rallying cry, it was a claxon call, and it was the One True Promise from The One True God.

Those running for office knew that racism and misogyny could be pulled together and mixed into a witch’s brew of victory against the most hated woman in America and a black man in the White House. Most people would not vote, didn’t think it mattered, and to get the extreme vote all was needed was a complete disregard for the truth and a candidate with money to burn and nothing to lose.

In the end, even Republicans recoiled in horror at what they had done. Like Victor Frankenstein, they turned their backs on their own monster and left him to scream alone.

Warm your hands on the fires of hypocrisy burning in Washington DC right now. The repeal of “Obamacare” has crashed and it now lies burning and bleeding out in public as Republicans who once screamed and cried about that piece of legislation being socialism come to America are scurrying back under the rocks they once stood upon to curse the rain.

Like little dogs that bark behind a fence they run yelping with the tenor that only chihuahuas or congressmen can make, when they realize they have the fight they’ve been jumping up and down for, is upon them at last. Today a lot of people who voted for the Right Wing to save them from the Left Wing are discovering that they’ve been in a circular flight pattern where the plane never lands anywhere near ideals that voters hold true.

The House never had any intentions or any plans to repeal anything and they haven’t got a clue as to how to replace it, and they never will.

Take a good hard look at your government people. This is what it looks like when it fails, fails utterly, fails miserably, fails openly, fails publicly and how it finally fails, to live up to anything and everything it has promised to give you in return for your vote.

You’ve been conned. You’ve been gamed. All this while they danced and posed and declared, and voted and voted on nothing at all, and in the end…nothing. It’s what you’ve nearly always gotten so it isn’t that bad. Like being slapped by a habitual abusive spouse, you just feel a little relieved when it doesn’t draw blood or put you in the ER making excuses for their behavior. You’ve been slapped in the face so often it almost doesn’t register to fight back.

So ask yourself this question; what was going on while nothing was happening?

You’ve been robbed again. That’s a damn safe bet.

Is America Great Again yet?

Is this the government you voted for?

Take Care,

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B&P Turns 15

Today, March 31, marks the 15th anniversary of the start of Bits & Pieces.  It was on this date in 2002 that I started B&P over on Blogger.  After a short while, I moved to a self-hosted WordPress blog.  

It has been a major part of my life these last 15 years.  And I’m sure I wouldn’t still be doing it if it weren’t for the wonderful people that have come together as contributors, readers and especially commenters to make Bits & Pieces what I like to call our little worldwide neighborhood.  

The number of daily visitors is down significantly from our heyday back in 2009-2010, but we still managed to get more than 3.3 million page views last year.  I don’t know if the lower numbers indicate just a general blogging trend or if I’m not keeping up with the times in one sense or another.  With the lower page views and with Amazon abandoning their affiliate program in Missouri the income produced here has also taken a dive.  It still covers expenses of running the site which continue to be on the rise but doesn’t leave a  whole lot extra. Having to pay for hosting and purchase more security utilities to keep the site safe from hackers takes a toll on any advertising profits.

I still enjoy working on the site and interacting with the B&P community (for the most part, anyway) but I also sometimes think about scaling back the time spent on here every now and then.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop having a web presence like this but it would be nice to be able to step away every now and then and not feel guilty about doing so.

As I said earlier, you, the person reading this, is the reason this website exists and has existed for so long.  15 years is more than a lifetime, maybe more than a couple of lifetimes, for many blogs.  I’m proud of what we have here and of the people who visit.  I’ve met many of you in person and have enjoyed doing so.  I’ve communicated with many, many more and almost all of those communications have been friendly, productive and satisfying.

Thanks to all who send me post suggestions whether it’s regularly or just every now and then to those who just stop by and read, whether occasionally or every day and most importantly those who have left comments and become true neighbors and friends in our little worldwide neighborhood.  I’m humbled by your kindness.