4 thoughts on “Atlanta Burns”

  1. Earlier witnesses recorded the beginning of the fire; it appears as though PVC conduit was being stored under the overpass. Despite it happening in the center of Atlanta, it’s unlikely the AFD could have saved that bridge; spread too rapidly with too much fuel. The bridge will be open in 30 days. Civil engineers are on the scene already, moving in equipment to remove the rubble. A nice no-bid cost-plus contract, with an ample early completion bonus. 24-7 in all weather, city permits waived. Whatever it takes will happen. 30 days.

  2. We just had a crazy one too. Jumper on a bridge over the I5. They shut down the freeway from 2:30pm yesterday till 11:30 this morning when he jumped, into some bushes! A lot of angry people here who didn’t make it to the airport in time to catch their flights. Still, I’d rather lose a major stretch of freeway for one day than 30.

  3. I wonder if there should be new regulations to prohibit the storage of such flammable material under such a critical bridge. That sounds like it just a disaster waiting to happen.

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