38 thoughts on “What if…”

  1. What if Pink Floyd’s wife answered the phone instead of her lover when he called collect from the United States?

    (Yes, I know Pink Floyd is the group; but on “The Wall,” I believe that was the artist’s name in “Another Brick in the Wall.”)

  2. What if Janis Joplin asked for a BMW?
    What if Tom didn’t wait?
    What if Sheena is a jazz aficionado?
    What if Bruce Springsteen was Born To Walk?
    What if The Proclaimers would only walk 500 feet?
    What if Prince partied like it was 2000?

  3. What if Dawn of Tony Orlando and Dawn did not tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree.

    What if Boston Looked Back?

    What if Willie Nelson left the road behind?

    What if Bryan Adams Didn’t Run to You?

    What if Tom Cochran’s Life isn’t a Highway?

    What if Johnny Cash avoided the Ring of Fire?

    What if KISS sang about Sandy instead of Beth?

    What if Blue Oyster Cult did not Burn for You?

    What if Dire Straits found her not So Far Away?

    What if the Moody Blues were actually knights in Black Leather?

    What if Rush had no Freewill?

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