3 thoughts on “7 Awkward Minutes with Jerry Lewis”

  1. That is hilarious. What a cantankerous old bastard. I have to hand it to the Reporter though, he tried like hell to keep the interview going.

    I think we all just found out why Jerry isn’t doing Telethons anymore. just a guess

  2. I love everything about this interview. I bet this is how everyone that gives interviews all the time wants to answer these questions. Brilliant.

  3. Jerry Lewis doesn’t owe anyone anything.
    He WAS the 50’s and the 60’s, and helped the US get over a war.
    People are too fast to badmouth without remembering who the person is and what they’ve done.
    You he’s old, so what, he made time for a reporter who brought a crew with him for a simple interview. He should be thankful for even meeting Lewis, and he should be prepared for someone well known for being a “difficult” interview his entire career.

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