1 thought on “A Spa Amusement Park”

  1. Looks fun. Except two questions.
    (1) I doubt that the amusement park equipment was designed to carry the extra weight of water. Plus the corrosive effects on water on metal. I suspect that that poses a serious safety risk due to equipment failure. I doubt that the Japanese are so reckless. So it doesn’t make sense.

    On the other hand, they put a nuclear reactor on the beach in a seismic active zone and allowed seawater to breach the spent fuel pools and emergency generators that ran the cooling pumps.

    (2) Health. I would be afraid to slip into those rides unless I knew that the water had been replaced, and the receptacle cleaned, between each visitor. I also noticed that no one is wearing sandles. So gotta worry about athlete’s foot around that place. Either that, or they need to chlorinate the s**t out of the water like they do in public pools.

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