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during-labor2First….. I don’t do pain well.  Not well at all…  →

Last weekend we did an awful lot of work jackhammering and hauling away a concrete patio.  The temperature was about 90°F during this time.  I was hot, tired and exhausted but really felt we got a lot done.  

Tuesday, I started feeling that my ankle was sore.  That’s happened before and gone away by the next day. That’s part of the DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) I’ve had for 20+ years.  

If you’ve followed along, you know that I got bad kidney numbers in my regular bloodwork this past July.  I had to stop taking the anti-inflammatory drug I was on that really did wonders for me for the most part. They wanted me to stay off that drug for 30 days and get new bloodwork.  So, I did, and the new bloodwork showed my kidney number levels back in the normal range. YAY!  Since I got off the anti-inflammatory I’ve had some pain and discomfort issues but it hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting (knocks-on-wood).  

Back to the ankle pain… On Wednesday it was back and a little worse.  It just got gradually worse all day Wednesday. Thursday morning my foot and ankle were swollen, painful and warm to the touch, compared to the other foot. By Thursday evening, I was having trouble walking around the house.  I grabbed a cane I had in the garage to take a little pressure off that foot and in case it got a lot worse in the middle of the night if I decided I needed to tinkle.  

It’s is a little difficult getting comfortable in bed but I seem to manage.  So after looking up online all the terrible thing it could be with my symptoms, I decided I’d call the doctor Friday morning if I survived the night.  Luckily I survived, so I called and he wanted to see me at 10:30.  So I drove up there and hobbled in.  He thinks it’s osteoporosis, or related to the DJD and I probably overdid it last weekend. I’m sure I did overdo it, but it didn’t really hurt then. If anything was going to be hurting I thought it was going to be my knees because I could really feel the stress in them. 

Anyway, he gave me some Prednisone for today and wants me to take the old anti-inflammatory for 5 days starting tomorrow to get the swelling down and then stop those meds. He wants me to take Tylenol with Codeine for pain. He also told me to soak it in Epsom Salt and keep it elevated as much as I can.   

It’s Friday evening now, and I’ve really done nothing yet besides take some Tylenol (without Codeine) and it’s feeling a little better.  I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens next.

Stay tuned!


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  1. When I went in to see Dr B for my annual checkup last month, I asked about why this hurts, and what that weird thing is down there, and how come I can’t do that anymore. His first response was, Take out your wallet…. now take out your driver license…. ok, take a look at that birthdate…. There’s a lot of the reason why…

    Hope you find a way to get feelin better soon. Hang in there, you got a long way to go. (y)

    • This!

      I still work construction. Actual work, not pointing. Can still do 12, 14 hour days, just can no longer do it for more than 3 or 4 days in a row. The thing I’ve found about getting older is that it takes longer to recover from a hard workout. Not looking forward to the days when things start hurting for no reason.

  2. If nothing else do ice.
    I was in the store this afternoon standing in line and this woman behind me went over and sat on the railing of an empty check stand. I ask if she was okay and she said her feet hurt. We chatted for a few minutes and decided there were not the Golden Years rather the Rusty Years. Ya some days I feel like the Tin Man who forgot his oil can.

    • It’s the NSAIDS that I have to stay away from. Things like Advil and ibuprofen. Tylenol is the only thing they say I can take and it works for me most of the time when I take it.

      • A quick search shows that Tylenol is not an NSAID. It is not a steoid, but the “Non-steroidal” apparently has a different connotations when used in simple English and when used as one of the words in NSAID.

  3. I sure hope you’ll be Feeling on top of the world real soon Jonco – – hang in there and take good care of yourself………how do we cope without BITS & PIECES?????? 🙁 🙁 BEST WISHES AND REGARDS FROM SWITZERLAND.

  4. hey jon keep checking the temperature of that foot and stay off of it until you have a specialist xray it! i have the same problem mine was diagnosed “after it shattered” as charcot syndrome, very similar to osteoporosis MOST doctors dont know how to look for it until your foot shatters then you have a real problem the first sign of charcot is a warm foot with cramping and a tingling sensation.

    charcot is also known as diabetic foot when diabetics get it its caused from lack lack of blood supply and the nerve damage from the loss of blood to the extremities also described as neuropathy

    i have been dealing with mine for 3+ years there is no cure just amputation if it gets bad enough i have had this boot cast on for 3 years and will never get to wear a shoe on that foot again



  5. Thanks for all the well wishes. I was really feeling a lot better last night. We had family over and were playing games til almost 11 pm. I went to bed shortly after that feeling pretty good. About 4 am I woke up in a lot of pain. I took some Tylenol (without Codeine) about 4:15. I couldn’t get comfortable and had a restless night after that. I got out of bed about 8:30 and took Tylenol with Codeine and my anti-inflammatory as directed. Once I got moving around I felt better. I seem to do better sitting up in a chair than I do in bed with the foot elevated. We’ll see how the day goes. I might be sleeping in my recliner tonight.

    Again, thanks for the comments and kind thoughts.

  6. I hope you are feeling better tonight. They put me on that Prednisone once for something and I think I gained 20 lbs in 20 days? Rotten stuff! Take care Jonco!

  7. I did have a better night Saturday night. Less pain but still some swelling. I have an infrared laser thermometer and the problem ankle is about 4 degrees warmer than the other one.

    Drugs are good!

  8. get it checked

    Charcot foot develops as a result of neuropathy, which decreases sensation and the ability to feel temperature, pain or trauma. Because of diminished sensation, the patient may continue to walk—making the injury worse. People with neuropathy (especially those who have had it for a long time) are at risk for developing Charcot foot. In addition, neuropathic patients with a tight Achilles tendon have been shown to have a tendency to develop Charcot foot.

    The symptoms of Charcot foot may include:

    Warmth to the touch (the affected foot feels warmer than the other)
    Redness in the foot
    Swelling in the area
    Pain or soreness

    Early diagnosis of Charcot foot is extremely important for successful treatment. To arrive at a diagnosis, the surgeon will examine the foot and ankle and ask about events that may have occurred prior to the symptoms. X-rays and other imaging studies and tests may be ordered. Once treatment begins, x-rays are taken periodically to aid in evaluating the status of the condition.

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