9 thoughts on “Things Trump might have said in Mexico…”

  1. Some of these homeless people don’t understand English, so I gave them books! That’s what they need on Day One.

  2. stupid post. may some of lying hillary’s emails would be more interesting, but then because of her americans died needlessly.

  3. Trump got his ass handed to him in Mexico. So who do you think is lying? The President of Mexico said Trump was told they were not going to build any walls. Trump said the wall was not discussed. I’ll give you one chance to figure this one out!

    • You just wait, congress is gonna make her testify, and have like so many investigations, and then maybe the justice department can waste some more money investigating, and on and on. And then no charges will be brought, and we’ll find that the state departments was underfunded, because the Republicans don’t like paying for things. But it’s all just crooked Hillary getting away with stuff. Keep telling yourself that. Just because you’ve heard a lie over and over doesn’t make it true. Trump is definitely the way to go.

      • Yeah… like they did for Benghazi. 11 hours of testimony and they found NOTHING. But hey, good luck with your hatred!

    • Have to wonder, if she’s committed all these crimes over her political career, why no one has been able to find enough evidence to put her on trial and convict her? They’ve been trying for more than 20 years and spend how many millions of dollars? Just admit that there’s nothing there and move on, or at least fire Inspector Clouseau.

      • …and spend how many millions of dollars?

        TAX dollars! Rs piss away more tax dollars for vendettas than on anything else.

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