Weekend Open Mic

weekend open mic

Weather:  It looks like a perfect summer weekend here in St. Louis.

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My crazy week: I’ve been having computer problems for a couple of weeks.  The hard drive was failing in my four-year-old Dell.   I thought about putting a new hard drive in but I also thought, ‘It’s four years old and takes forever to startup.’  I’d wanted a computer with an SSD drive and a hard drive so I started shopping around.  After looking online and at several ones at Micro Center  I decided on one at the store.  I got it home and set it up only to discover there was no hard drive, just the 524GB SSD drive.  I had mistakenly purchased the wrong one.  I packed it up and took it back and looked for a similar one with a hard drive.  It doesn’t exist, at least not in my price range.  So I thought about it and did some more research and went back to Micro Center the next day (Tuesday).  I bought the same computer and a 5TB internal hard drive that I installed.  I got it all set up and started using it and BAM!… BSOD (blue screen of death).  I spent most of that afternoon and evening running tests, repairing Windows,  and finally called it a night.   

In the middle of Tuesday night, or more accurately at about 3:00 am Wednesday morning, I got up to go to the bathroom  and felt really weird… dizzy, and sort of passed out briefly and fell to the bathroom floor. The next thing I know, my head is laying on the bathroom scale and I’m trying to figure out what the Hell happened.  My wife heard me fall and came to see what the Hell happened.  She helped me up and we decided I should take my blood pressure.  It was 80/50.  At that point my knees started shaking and down I went again.  Of course, I’m thinking, “What the Hell’s happening?” After looking at the underside of the bathroom counter for a few moments I got back up and we took my blood pressure again…  75/58.  I hobbled to bed but didn’t sleep any more.  Wednesday was a subdued day as I kept checking my blood pressure and it was bouncing all over going as high as 162/87 at one point.  I take a small dose of Lisinopril (blood pressure medicine) daily but I didn’t take it after all that happened. As the day went on I began feeling better and my blood pressure returned to a more normal state.  I’ll be keeping a close watch on my blood pressure and call the doctor if I experience anything else like that or if it keeps fluctuating.

On Thursday, I started messing around with the computer again, trying this and trying that… BAM! BSOD!  So, I took the hard drive out and reset Windows which removed everything I had done.  Booted it up and BAM!… BSOD.  So I packed it up and took it back to Micro Center and exchanged it for another one.  Third time’s a charm!  The first thing I did after booting it up was to run the tests that the other one failed and it passed with flying colors.  So I installed the hard drive in it and added a couple of cards I used in the old computer and started the loading and transferring of files from the old computer.  So far, everything is running GREAT.  I still have a lot more stuff to transfer and organize.  

This weekend: I’ll be away from B&P Headquarters Friday afternoon and all of Saturday at our mud volleyball tournament.  Things will get back to somewhat normal on Sunday hopefully.  

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis. What’s going on in your world?

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  1. Call your doctor on Monday, even if you are feeling better. Whatever is going wacko is not going to cure itself.

  2. Thanks. I just finished a long but successful day at our fundraiser. I had a low-key role this year and even found time to take a half-hour nap during the day. I’m feeling better this evening, just tired. I think my plan is to call the doctor on Monday.

  3. Take it easy all weekend!

    I had a similar episode a couple of weeks ago. I hit my head when I fell. So I had to have an MRI.
    Then the EKG and a 24 hour Holter monitor. I’m still waiting for results, but thank goodness I have great insurance!

  4. Jonco,

    As a (part-time Paramedic*) when your blood pressure is that low you need to be checked. No and If’s or But’s. Feeling fine is misleading. Fainting is the body trying to tell you something and can be caused by any number of problems that overall effect the central nervous system. In this case it is your blood pressure, but beyond that why is not being answered adequately. What I am saying to you (to everyone else as well) is get checked without any longer delay.

    9-1-1 is your friend in these cases especially where you hit your head. In honest reality we are trained to deal with this and do so throughout the country every day. That is why communities have paramedics and St. Louis has some top notch personnel.

    Finally, we, the community here, your family and others want to talk to you and not about you…Please get seen and stop saying ya, ya, I will, but I feel fine and then forget.

    *I retired, but missed the job, so now I am part-time.

  5. Must be horrible to have everyone telling you off Jonco – but to repeat what has already been said – blood pressure that low constitutes an emergency.
    Losing consciousness from anything other than trying to get to sleep also constitutes an emergency.
    Both together constitutes an EMERGENCY!(!)
    We’re telling you this not only because we love you, but also because we can’t be arsed to scour the internet for ourselves if we lose you.
    So think about us instead of yourself all the time, and get to the damned doctor!

  6. Thank you all. I will call the doctor Monday morning. I don’t know that I actually lost consciousness when I fell. My knee got a little scrape on the floor and my butt and elbow are a little sore from the fall, but I don’t think I hit my head at all. It just ended up on the bathroom scale as I rolled down or over.
    I can’t be feeling too bad… I just got done cutting my grass and trimming with the weed whacker. That damn thing breaks down almost every time I use it. That’ll bring my blood pressure up.

    • You were lucky hat it happened at home and that Patco was there to help – Better than on the road with a school bus full of happy little kids coming in the other direction. :O

    • No, I was staring up and the bottom side of the sink counter. But, that would be some cool trivial knowledge.

  7. Jonco,

    Please see a doctor. We need you. You should have skipped the mud volleyball event. Stay out of the heat and humidity, and relax about computer problems.

  8. I called my doctor and sent him my blood pressure numbers for the last 5 days. He’s going to make a slight adjustment in my meds and wants me to call him if there are any drastic changes.

    I’ll be having blood work done this Friday and I’ll be in touch with him early next week.

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