6 thoughts on “Spider Tarantula shedding skin”

  1. Honestly, I had no idea that spiders molted. So, aside from from looking creepy, I learned something today from this. Yay?

  2. I had a huge 50 gallon fish aquarium when I lived in western Colorado. I got a crawdad from the irrigation ditch and put him in the tank with my 80 other fish. No problem. he just ate the bottom algae and didn’t bother the other fish.
    One day, he climbed up the wall and tipped himself over on his back. I got my little net and turned him back upright. He did it again! Then, his belly split open and I was shocked to see something crawling out of him …It was HIM!! He came out and puffed up like a sponge, hardened a new shell and was much bigger!! Doh! That’s how they grow!!

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