11 thoughts on “Water Restrictions”

  1. Ah, math…
    1,6 gallons/flush * 40 million people in California * 2 flushes/day (I’m being conservative here) * 365 days in a year = over 45 billion gallons/year.

    Still think your toilet doesn’t use any water?

  2. 1.6 gallons times millions of people times multiple flushes per day times 365 days a year. Take a look at that pie chart and tell me which one is using the water. This is called misleading propaganda and it serves its purpose for people who don’t think and/or are ignorant.

  3. Wikipedia claims California population 39,144,818 as a 2015 estimate. If each person flushes a 1.6gpf toilet once per day that comes out to 22.86 billion gallons a year.

    That’s only with one flush per person per day, I know I flush a toilet more than once daily myself.

  4. California’s only flush when it’s brown. When it gets hot with no AC the toilet can get a little ripe but I would rather use water to save my trees.

    • Years-long drought brought to you by climate-change deniers and the Republican party. I’d rather have a limited amount of safe water than what the Republicans have done to Flint.

  5. Fracking should be outlawed everywhere in the United States. It’s a waste of water, and it creates unsteady conditions in the earth which then produce earthquakes even in places where they’ve never occurred before. Nestle is basically stealing water and turning around to sell it to gullible consumers who don’t realize that most tap water, especially in California is perfectly safe. Individual-sized water bottles create all kinds of problems, because even recycling them uses energy. If I want to take water with me, I fill a reusable thermos.

    Sorry for the rant, but these two issues really upset me.

  6. In case you don’t know, Nestle has been stealing water from the San Bernadino watershed for years.

    They were supposed to pay for it. But somehow forgot for 30 years.

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