Friday Firesmith – Boaty McBoatface For President

Friday firesmithI think it all began in Iraq, actually, which is fitting because so much of civilization began in that part of the world. I don’t think we’re heading into a new era of civilization but rather in the opposite direction. Things are getting ugly out there, and the first sign that things were not only getting bad but reaching critical mass was Boaty McBoatface.

While it seems rather innocuous at first glance, when Britons voted to name a research vessel after an internet joke over a renowned scientist we should have all expected them to use that same sort of power to do something equally ridiculous. But no one can take voting seriously anymore, anywhere, considering the slate of candidates that have crawled out of the primordial and primary slimes.

With voter turnout reaching historic lows it’s no wonder that a small but dedicated number of people can change the face of politics. The rest of us, exhausted over decades of incompetence from both parties, merely stand and watch the barn being burned to the ground to get rid of the rats.

Worse still, the amount of money it takes to win an election, even at the state level, has reached a point of utter and soaring ridiculousness. A billion dollars will have been spent by the time the next president is bought and then the party really begins as whoever is in office has to start generating a return on the investment. Mostly, what is being bought is nothing. Do nothing. Say nothing. Promise everything but blame the inertia on the gridlock that has paralyzed the government now for many years and many years to come. The war in Iraq proved that rhetoric and falsified data could be used to start a war anywhere for no reason at all, and there is big money, very big money, in war.

After the milking of the tax payers and further destabilization in the Middle East, a global recession was created and those who created it were “too big to fail” and there was big money in paying the people who created the crisis. Now, a few years later, we’ve been bombarded with sports events, celebrity sensation, and political process that the average person has no faith in at all. Both of our political parties present their worst possible candidate yet each candidate did spend the most money, which begs the question of why can’t all that money buy something decent?

It isn’t designed to, is why.

Just like the power vacuum in the Middle East that gave rise to radical Islamic factions, we will now see a power vacuum once Democracy begins to fail in favor of Corporate Republics. Consumers will be the new slave class and the wars to control the information and incomes of billions of customers will create a new form of warfare.

But most of us will not notice any of this.

We will be glued to binge watching and sports and celebrity news and we’ll slowly but surely tune out the power struggle in favor of voting for the lesser evils in every election, regardless of where the money came from.

This will happen about ten years ago.

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  1. While money is the underlying constant, it seems that while people complain about it, they still vote the same. The Brits finally understood that and opted to push back against the neoliberalism of Thatcher policies.

    It’s really simple. The people who give the most money have the best chance of getting legislation in their favor passed, while the average American’s chance of getting legislation that benefits them is the equivalent of white noise. Essentially, corporations own the government, not the people as our Founders intended. Which is why you hear so little, if any at all, news about the TPP.

    • Actually C.A.I the founders distrusted the people then. Most of the “Commoners” were uneducated and truly ignorant about the true politics of the day. That’s why the Electorat (sic) elects the President. The only representatives of the people , and that was not given without a fight, were Representatives who only hold office for two years at a time. Nothing much ,even then, was done for the rabble as they were referred to except when the Bill of Rights were written, again not without a fight. Even then the ones to get the high-up jobs were gotten because of the plantation owners and business people. Nothing really has changed.

      • Actually, the Founders had an innate distrust for corporations. Which is why Jefferson was wanting to restrict monopolies in the Bill of Rights. ( In fact, the Boston Tea Party was a revolt against the Wal-Mart of that time. Because so many members of British government and high society were stockholders in the British East India Company the British government passed a series of laws, like the Townshend Acts of 1767 and the Tea Act of 1773, to increase the East India Company’s power and influence, while reducing competition. The whole purpose of the Tea Act was to give the East India Company full and unlimited access to the American tea trade, by helping them wipe out American small businesses.

        Representatives were believed to be the ones closest to the people. They outnumbered Senators, who have been held in higher esteem than the House, yet it’s the House where all budgets are designed to originate. And yes, things have changed. Senators weren’t always elected by the people. But when it was found that a Senator could literally buy his seat, the 17th amendment was added to remedy that. Ironically, the Senators are now bought.

    • CAI, it is interesting that Sanders in the only candidate, or at least former candidate, opposing TPP. I suspect that there is a lot of money to be made by a few people and that’s why no one is debating it.

      Follow the money. I really do fear it is that simple.

      • As of today, he’s still a candidate. His people are trying to work in an anti-TPP position into the Democratic platform. So far, no luck. He’s been against all those trade policies his entire career. Perot ran on being against NAFTA and got 20% of the vote. Trump has been talking anti-trade, or at least, re-written trade agreements. People are aware that with every new trade deal, manufacturing leaves our shores. Even worse, we essentially have no tariffs, while all other countries protect their workers with tariffs or VAT taxes.

  2. Wow, and I thought I was the only one to feel that way. I remember as a kid in the seventies hearing people discuss politics and not agree with the politicians and usually end with “but, what can we do? You can’t fight city hall.” I used to tell them to quit complaining and get off your butt and do something about it and was quickly sent away. I think part of the solution would be to stop re-electing the incumbents and put fresh people in the senate each term until we get people that resist the corporate buyout and the lobbyists. Will it ever happen? Probably not. I just hope I’m not around to experience the ugliness that is coming.

    • Steve, I have a deep seated fear that unless something happens very soon, we are all going to be around for what happens next.

      We can fight City Hall and we will fight City Hall, it’s just a question as to whether or not there are means to effect a change that won’t cause a lot of violence.

  3. The, “you can’t fight city hall”, has grown into general disgust for a government that won’t even censure their own evil doers. The rise of trump is a finger to the system by people not smart enough to realize congress is the real problem. That’s why a bill to fight the Zika Virus was saddled with amendments to promote the confederate flag, weaken the clean water act, and attack Planned Parenthood. Although a bad President can get us into a world of hurt, Congress’s corporate shills still control the money and the power.

  4. I’ve long thought what would happen if everyone voted third party across the board. Doesn’t matter which third party candidate, just no one riding a donkey or an elephant. See what would happen if this country was run by people not beholden to corporations and lobbyists.

    Nice article as usual Mikey McMikeface. Think I’ll watch Idiocracy tonight.

    • Right now, third party candidates tend to help one of the two parties win. I think it was Madison who worried about the two party system becoming infested with third parties, because then it might be possible for someone to get elected with just a little over a third (or maybe just a little more than a quarter) of possible votes. The best way around that is to change the Constitution and use proportional representation.

      • Was it Adams who wanted to avoid the party system altogether, then promptly joined a party? Hmmm… I have ‘The Presidents’ documentary series in my media center. Maybe I’ll watch that instead. Live in the past instead of the future?

  5. Since I turned 21 and could vote, I have only missed 2 municipal elections. I loved that Bernie Sanders only accepted money from people like me. Something deep inside me believes that if everyone educated himself or herself about the issues and the candidates and faithfully voted in every election, we could actually change the status quo. Even after all these years, and the ghastly crime of the 2000 election that Al Gore won, a part of me still has hope.

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