8 thoughts on “Move over Chewbacca… Mom’s got a new mask…”

  1. At least it was done in fun – had he chosen Hillary it would have been too frightening for children!

    • True. At least most children like clowns. The concept of President Trump, however, is too frightening for adults (at least, well-educated ones).

  2. Hurumph! This reminds me… don’t go downtown today. Trump is there. And if any anti-trump protesters want to try anything here, remember one thing… we have nukes. “Free speech zones”? Yeah, that’s gonna work.

    Edit: Uhhh… never mind. Protesters are already blocking the trolley, keeping people from getting to the convention center.

  3. Trump supporters argue that the protesters have no right to deny Trump’s right of free speech, yet they miss the hypocrisy that they themselves are wanting to deny the protester’s right of free speech.

    • And Trump protesters say Trump encourages violence, yet most of the violence comes from the Trump protesters. Trump protesters are the ones sneaking into pro-Trump events and trying to shut them down, not the other way around.

      • Not me to be political but I’m curious about everyone’s reaction to this video (NSFW), occurred here in town today. The guy is all over Reddit saying he was assaulted by a Trump supporter.

      • He does encourage violence. Have you ever listened to him at an event when someone speaks out against him? One protester was blindsided by a Trump supporter as he was being escorted out of the room. This happens because Trump uses his wrestling persona to stoke emotions at his events and they simply follow their leader. Which actually sums up his events… that being just like a WWE event.

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