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Friday firesmithI was watching the movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and for the first time in decades I heard the drug name, “Quaaludes”. I haven’t heard that name mentioned since the early 1980’s. Like the dodo bird and the dinosaur, Quaaludes have been extinct for quite some time now. Ludes were what rocked the world there for a while, and it’s one of the few drugs I’m happy they quit making when they did.

My first clue that something was wrong, terribly and horribly wrong with Quaaludes came when someone threw a Frisbee to me right after I took my first one. It was coming in, gliding gently through the air and it was an easy catch. I stuck my hand out, thought to myself, you might want to get off center of that thing, because…

The flying disc ricocheted off my nose.

Reality and Quaalude time were a few seconds apart. And that was only the beginning. We discovered fairly quickly that if a woman had inhibitions when it came to sex a lude would dissolve them.  Of course, the downside to this was it also removed any inhibitions anyone had when it came to sex and regrettable actions could and would ensue. A woman I knew, who wasn’t interested in doing anything with me but ludes, wound up having sex with me on the shore of a lake. The damning thing about this is we were no more than twenty feet from a party that was going on and we were hidden by the bank of the lake. Anyone who walked over, or stumbled over, to that side of the party could have seen us. She wasn’t on the pill and she called me every day for two weeks, terrified she was pregnant, until at least her period arrived. She and I still aren’t on speaking terms. That was 1980.

The Night Of Three Wrecks was the point in time we should have realized we were in well over our heads. If nothing else, the fact that out of the dozen or so people who took ludes out of the batch that came in that night, there were three wrecks, ought to have spoken to us, but it didn’t. I ditched my car on a dirt road trying to go around a tractor. A friend of mine got hit making a right turn on a red traffic light. But the thing that happened that ought to have shocked us all into better sense was my best friend went off a curve at seventy miles an hour. The car flew through the air, hit a utility pole ten feet up on the pole, and rolled. He was okay but his girlfriend spent a week in ICU with a skull fracture.

We were very young and we were very stupid. We jumped of bridges in the dark and we took our chances with nothing to be gained in return. Young women got pregnant and young men were killed or maimed, sometimes. And only by sheer dumb luck did any of us walk away from that time in history. The lucky ones walked away from ludes with a few scars and a few fuzzy memories.

Other confessions?

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  1. Another name for Quaaludes was Soapers. Sergeant Joe Friday’s badge number was 714. Lemon was printed on the side, when Lennon was shot a batch came through with the lemon replaced with Lennon. I did ludes once and hated it. I remember all this crap because my college room mate was really into them. She was quite the introvert as well.

  2. I had some mystery substance at an outdoor Jeff Beck concert at Fordham U. in the Bronx in the 70s. Don’t recall much about it except that I couldn’t focus on anything if I turned my head. I somehow drove us (one guy didn’t make it back to the car and was left on his own) home to Connecticut. Not proud of that.

    • Grog,
      When I talk to some of my old friend with kids the same age as we were back then they’re horrified their kids might do some of the stuff we did behind the wheel of a car or truck.

  3. I was in my mid 20s when the drug scene happened, and 30 % of my social circle were medical people, Dentist, Anesthesiologist, nurses, and they tried very hard to keep us from doing stupid shit. However there was one time a friend offered me an unidentified substance in a tiny foil packet for $20, just calling it “Dust”. I’d done Angel Dust before, but this was 10 times more powerful, one small line and it was in control. Not knowing how to handle this new thing, I put it in my freezer.

    I hooked up with a new chick and while riding around in my Corvette, offered to take her home for what I called “Cosmic Dust”. She was enthusiastic, and I was horny, so I take the stuff out of the freezer and we each did a line. Nothing. WTF? Now I’m horny and embarrassed. We did another line. And another.

    Boom! Big badda boom! Evidently freezing made it a booby trap, time bomb. We spent a lovely 6 hours on the living room rug, telling each other we were still ok, lamenting the bathroom was upstairs. Still horny but without a clue how to take my clothes off, as if that would have helped.

    It was a stupid irresponsible thing to do, but I was young and immortal. Maybe immoral.

    • Bruce, a friend of mine got a hold of some weed that was treated with something. I was the oldest person there at 16, a friend was 15, his girlfriend was 14 and his cousin was there, also 14.

      It was wicked strong and the 14 year old girl started hallucinating and the cousin puked.

      The only “Adult” around was a drunk 19 year old. He made fun of us and terrified the two younger teens.

      That actually was as good as it got. It might have been much worse.

  4. “Ludes”…wow, haven’t thought about those in a while. A female friend of mine and I went to see Gary Numan in Cleveland way back then. As we were driving up she said, “here” and handed me a pill so I took it. About 10 seconds later she says, “OK, give it back.” Oh oh…I told her, I thought she wanted me to take it not hold it. It was the first and last time I took a lude. In the middle of the concert I got hit in the head with an unopened bottle of beer that came out of no where. Knocked me out cold. Never felt a thing. Woke up looking at a ring of heads looking down at me. Managed to make it home in one piece. Stopped all chemical “fun” things right after that.

  5. nope, not everyone had to drug women to get sex (daterape). or was so lazy & braidead that they had to rely on chemicals to have a good time, damn the safety of innocent others. Bill cosby says hi, hippy rapist

    • Unfortunately, h44c, this time you are much closer to the truth than I would like. True enough, every woman I ever did ludes with knew what she was doing when she took the drug, but none of us were old enough to understand the consequences of our actions fully.

      We were fortunate that we never killed anyone. But that was blind luck and nothing else.

      I really don’t have a defense for what I did back then. I won’t make excuses either.

  6. I arrived at my college town a few days before my junior year (mid 70’s). I had volunteered to be a New Student Week Leader, showing the incoming freshmen around the campus. I was at a party that night, and a friend asked me to stick out my tongue. I did, and she placed a hit of blotter acid on it and said “have a good time”. I did, it was about a 16 hour trip. The most vivid memory from that day occurred at sunrise the next morning,sitting on the porch watching the trees move in ways not associated with any wind, while the slowly rising sun shot bolts of purple and orange and yellow and red through the leaves, through the sky, and through my mind.

  7. h44c doesn’t understand the time and place. Ludes weren’t to get laid, they were to make it better, make the guys last longer and be gentler. Hell if the chicks didn’t bring them, they’d be asking around if anybody had some.

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