3 thoughts on “Rollers – Rows of Rolls Royces”

  1. For the .01 of the 1% ers. Based on this

    New Rolls Royce Prices start well over $200,000 making it difficult for the average car buyer to afford. Rolls Royce models have been known to represent the best in luxury and quality. The Rolls Royce Ghost is their “entry-level” model that carries a price tag around $250,000.

    there’s a minimum of $25,000,000.00 of autos in that line up.

    If you really care, it’s here: https://www.truecar.com/prices-new/rolls-royce/

    • But hiring a ’66 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II to take my wife and I from the wedding reception to the airport was well worth it. Even after just 20 years I still remember that car.

      When I first saw this picture I thought of it as Trump heading to the next fundraiser.

      • Tim, one of the fun facts that The Donald keeps telling us is that he’s using his own money, so he doesn’t need any stinkin fundraisers.

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