4 thoughts on “A visit to Grandma’s”

  1. Too real! Actually happens around my house whenever family visits for birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc. I want to shout “Hang up the damn phone and talk!”

  2. Look at grandma’s face. Ha!
    I was at the park the other day and saw all the kids playing. I looked around at 7 or 8 moms sitting there busy with their phones. Poor kids.

  3. Some people, when they go out with friends, make everyone stack up their phones in the middle of the table — whoever gets theirs first has to pay for the next round. This could be changed at grandma’s to “Whoever gets theirs first has to do the dishes” (Or cut the lawn or whatever.)

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with electronics though and most kids now can multi-task (my 77 year old father was surprised that I (in my mid 50s) could type on my laptop, be aware of what was being said on the TV news he was watching and also be able to carry on a conversation with him all at the same time. And I would imagine that most Millennials can do it even better than I. (And, let’s be fair, playing on your phone or texting isn’t any worse than watching TV or much worse than the “OMG, I’m melting from boredom” faces and body language most of us probably had while visiting elderly relatives in the “good old days.”))

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